Robotic De-palletising Installation

This Robotic Depalletising Installation was designed, built, programmed, installed and commissioned by Haden & Custance.

Features of Robotic De-palletising Installation

  • H&C Depalletising Robot mounted on a track
  • H&C Multizone Robotic Vacuum head and Pallet gripper
  • 6 Pallets available for Depalletising
  • Message displays indicating product to be loaded
  • Empty pallet and layerboard stacking
  • H&C Automatic Decartoner
  • H&C Waste cardboard removal conveyors
  • Automatic Pallet Dispenser
  • H&C Zero Pressure Accumulation conveyor
  • H&C Elevator
  • Product Depalletised on demand
  • Product tracked to correct processing line
  • Robot cell fully guarded and protected by lockout system and safety curtains