Road maintenance and sustainability = Australian innovation

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12 February, 2014

There are usually two types of sustainability: financial and environmental. With PolyCom Stabilising Aid you can have both solved at one time!

We live in the real world. When financial sustainability is not met, environmental sustainability can’t really exist.

The answer to make local government unsealed road infrastructure both financially and environmentally sustainable is now available.

So how can asset managers and engineers have financially sustainable roads, whilst ensuring maintenance is environmentally sound as well as socially responsible, i.e. achieve the triple bottom line responsibility?  

Well, something must change by looking at new ways of doing things, embracing modern technology and methodologies.

PolyCom can do this for you. PolyCom allows you to efficiently deploy Council resources so you get more bang for your buck by recycling and improving existing materials found in roads.  We can’t keep digging rock out of the ground then cart it vast distances to the job site.  This consumes fuel, time and other resources, as well as damaging roads.

PolyCom is a high-performing technologically-advanced road stabilisation product but is also easy to use.  It has many applications for local government infrastructure including sealed and unsealed road construction and maintenance and will provide your Council with both financial and environmental sustainability.

The use of PolyCom will generally cost about half the traditional unsealed road maintenance method of re-sheeting and results indicate that maintenance grading is usually reduced by up to 4 times.

The application of PolyCom is extremely simple and can be carried out by Council staff with existing road equipment.  It works with most materials with no OHS or environmental concerns.

Simple Road Stabilising using PolyCom