Revolution tray sealer: helping food producers grow their margins

Supplier: MPI Australia
09 February, 2015

As food producers look to reduce product costs and increase their margins, the total cost of ownership of their production equipment becomes more and more important.

Reducing cost through decreased energy usage and increased efficiency is a major step in achieving higher profits.

Revolution machine is a new innovation in tray sealing. This single lane tray machine is the fastest, most energy efficient in the world capable of speeds of up to 150 packs per minute.

PA have developed a truly novel technology including interpolated multi axis robotic motion which ensures a continuous flow of trays through the machine from infeed to outfeed eliminating any need for pauses or buffering.

PA's Powerdrive technology meaning the Revolution is a fully electric machine and operates without using any compressed air, offering savings of up to 98 per cent of the running costs of conventional pneumatically operated tray sealers. It involves unique tooling technology which can increase the seal force by up to 300 per cent compared to pneumatic systems.

A smoother profile of the tray transfer into the machine allows fluid or liquid based products to be transferred without spilling at high speed, automatic recipe driven adjustment for printed film when changing products and RFID operator access fobs (security device) where factory security of machine settings and parameters is an issue.

Finally, PA's unique Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology can achieve the required gas levels through flushing as opposed to vacuum gas flushing as used by others.