Reuse pallets - just add a procedure

Supplier: IB Pallets
10 July, 2014

It might seem left of field but be surprisingly simple - just add a procedure.

Let's face it. Materials handling can be a rough environment for pallets. No pallet on this planet can withstand the ferocity of a careless forklift driver on a 2.5 tonne (or 10 tonne) forklift intent on bashing pallets. Let's hope he or she doesn't work for you.

So when it comes to the idea of reusing your plastic pallets you are probably thinking about all those really heavy timber pallets you are destroying now and not too confident that plastic will work for you. Well we can't make your forklift driver take more care - you'll need to do that yourself.

Please understand that no pallet on the planet can withstand several tonne of forklift bashing. It isn't possible. But there are pallets that will stand up to careful forklift drivers time and time again and we have these for you. And you will be very surprised to hear that some of these are actually nestable pallets.

As you'll know and dream about, nestable pallets store cheaply - you can fit approximately 3 times the amount of nestable pallets when compared to stackable pallets into pallet spaces.

Imagine setting up your supply chain management where you can recycle your nestable pallets and look after your products better than ever before? You can even do this with crates. More and more companies are doing this.

Supermarkets have been recycling plastic crates instore for customers for years now. Home delivery services are using plastic and swapping as they go by charging a one time price on crates to their customers for the benefit of swapping cleanly and safely especially when it comes to food. It just takes a little planning.

Some businesses are filling containers with empty nestable plastic pallets and returning them to the country of origin for washing and refilling and we have the perfect pallet to get you started!

Our new PLASPAL 36 is up to 200% more able to withstand the pressures that pallets undergo within supply chains. Take a look at some of the tests our pallets rigorously get put through before reaching you. Of course our heavy duty plastic pallets are always a favourite for reuse.

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