• “Great brand exposure and product awareness”

    Paul Hinz, Marketing Coordinator
    Member since 2011 Visit Storefront

    We've used IndustrySearch to get our name out there in the industry. We're really happy with the extra brand exposure and product awareness we've gained, as well as the relevant leads our listing has generated, which are definitely worth passing on to our sales team.

    The fact the Storefront is self-managed suits us because we can log-in anytime to make changes and the updates appear live on our Storefront within 24 hours. It's perfect because that means the Storefront is always fresh. The customer support and service we receive is also outstanding.

  • “We're very happy with the results”

    Catalina Rodriguez, Marketing Manager
    Member since 2008 Visit Storefront

    The more marketing channels that highlight our brand the better it is for the business, and IndustrySearch lets us promote all of our different products and services. It also sends relevant traffic to our website which helps with our own SEO. And of course, most importantly we get plenty of great leads that turn into sales, so we're very happy with the results.

    It's a user-friendly platform. You can update the pictures, videos and various pieces of content anytime. Each month I check the stats from the Online Management Area to see which products and pages are performing well, which helps with our overall marketing strategy.

    The customer service from our account manager is excellent. He pays a lot of attention to our business.

  • “It offers us good exposure”

    Carmen Williams, Sales & Marketing
    Member since 2013 Visit Storefront

    IndustrySearch offers us good exposure because it's a high-ranking website, which supports our branding and SEO. We get some nice leads as well. One of the main benefits is being able to use the newsletter to promote specific products from time to time. Next we're going to write up a case study on one of our recent success stories and share it on IndustrySearch.

  • “We get a great variety of enquiries”

    Tony Sprague, Owner
    Member since 2005 Visit Storefront

    We've been with IndustrySearch for over a decade and the whole experience has been fantastic. We receive a constant flow of enquiries, both local and international, and quite a few of those turn into solid orders. We do advertise our business on other sites as well, but we find IndustrySearch provides a great variety of enquiries.

    It's really easy to add new products and editorials to the Storefront whenever we want. I take advantage of all the options available, like checking the statistics in the Online Management Area to see how our Storefront is performing.

  • “Every enquiry is qualified and targeted!”

    Tim Papas, National Sales Manager
    Member since 2009 Visit Storefront

    We've been involved with a few different online marketing platforms and IndustrySearch has been by far the most successful. Every enquiry we receive through the Storefront is qualified and targeted. For example, we received an enquiry for our battery watering systems which led to a substantial knock-on sale of about $25,000 per year with a new customer. That one enquiry opened up a great opportunity we didn't know about.

    As an advertiser I love that it's easy to add content to the Storefront and we have scope to promote our products in different ways. Our account manager is great at keeping in touch and helping us with different ideas for the Storefront. And from a user perspective the website is clear and concise, you don't have to work hard to get to where you're going and find helpful information. I can't say enough good things about IndustrySearch.

  • “It helps boost our website's search ranking”

    Ray Consiglio, Sales & Marketing Manager
    Member since 2007 Visit Storefront

    I believe it's very important to have our brand name out there and being on IndustrySearch is part of that. We're a fairly well established business in the industry and our website performs well, but we also rely on platforms like IndustrySearch to support our sales and marketing. IndustrySearch is a popular site so we know that promoting our brand there is helping to drive traffic to our site and boost our search rankings.

    What I like is that IndustrySearch basically acts as a second searchable website for potential customers to find us. Instead of running an ad campaign that ends after a month, we can use our Storefront to promote all of our products all the time.

  • “We receive a lot of high quality leads”

    Jason Hicks, CMO
    Member since 2008 Visit Storefront

    We've been a long-term IndustySearch customer because of the search engine benefits we receive. I find that the website complements our own business website quite well. It gives us a second avenue to gain online search results and it's provided us with a significant number of high quality leads over the years.

    We recently received a lead via IndustrySearch resulting in almost $100,000 of ID Printers and Accessories from within the health industry. This is one of our largest single sales, with many unit sales starting from under $2,000.

    The service from our account manager is also exceptional. Nothing is ever too difficult and he's always chasing us up for additional information to help promote our brand. The Storefront is very easy to maintain and keep up to date.

  • “I really like the ‘Hot Products’!”

    Hendra Irawan, National Account Manager
    Member since 2017 Visit Storefront

    The results are good. Since we joined IndustrySearch we've received a few enquiries every month that converted into sales, and that's exactly what we were hoping for.

    I really like the 'Hot Products'. It's the best way to promote an important product to a large audience straight away. I can see some big potential in what IndustrySearch can do for us.

  • “Based on its success we upgraded”

    Torbjorn Lundmark, Marketing Consultant
    Member since 2013 Visit Storefront

    We've been using IndustrySearch for a number of years as a vehicle to attract more relevant customers to our range of safety products. The enquiries we receive are relevant and genuine. Storefront sales enquiries come from individual end users and also larger companies; many of these have turned into 'loyal' customers with repeat orders.

    The IndustrySearch platform is easy to use, content can be quickly changed when required and the ability to track and measure the Storefront results is great. Based on its success we upgraded from a Standard to a Premium Storefront earlier this year.

  • “Quality leads with high sales conversions”

    Ted Cottle, Marketing Manager
    Member since 2010 Visit Storefront

    It's an effective way to be part of an industry website that's already well optimised for search engines. The leads that we get tend to be quality ones with a high conversion rate into sales. Most of our enquiries come from IndustrySearch via email and we can get in touch with the potential customer straight away. The Storefront has done really well on our sales of specialist safety gloves for recycling, law enforcement, and other industries. Those items seem to be very popular on the website.

    The ability to publish our own articles and post our product application videos is definitely a plus. It's also useful to look at the statistics reports from time to time.

  • “We get enquiries from qualified buyers”

    Natalie Scrivener, Manager
    Member since 2009 Visit Storefront

    Our experience with the IndustrySearch team has been really positive. It's all part of getting the business name out there to the industry. We've definitely had some decent enquiries from qualified buyers. Just the other day we had an IndustrySearch lead turn into quite a good sale from a brand new customer. We also like the fact we can update the Storefront ourselves. It's an easy system to work with.

  • “Buyers call us about products on our Storefront”

    Jens Buchner, Marketing Coordinator
    Member since 2014 Visit Storefront

    Right from the start our communication with everyone at IndustrySearch was very professional and consistent. Buyers are frequently calling us regarding products they've seen listed on our Storefront or in the email newsletters. We find that the products at the higher end of our range get the most attention and enquiries, so that gives us an opportunity to make some valuable sales. And the leads are sent to us automatically and displayed nice and clearly for us to follow up.

  • “It's a cost-effective way to promote our business”

    Tony Taylor, General Manager Sales and Marketing
    Member since 2005 Visit Storefront

    The experience has been very successful. At the start of each year we put together a marketing budget that includes our IndustrySearch Storefront, then we don't have to worry because it's a huge part of our online marketing strategy. Everything is online these days, so a website like this is definitely the way to go. It's a cost-effective way to promote our business. We've had a number of great enquiries over the years.

    I can find out how many people are reading our articles and product pages just by looking at the reports in our Online Management Area or speaking to our account manager, and then I feed that information through to our sales team to use in their pitch. We always know what people are interested in.

    IndustrySearch is very well known and simple to navigate for users. The directories and categories make it easy to search the different areas like safety equipment and packaging and labelling. I use the website myself and I read all the industry news and product bulletins they send out.

  • “We've seen a huge spike in website sessions”

    Phyllie Yeo, Digital Marketing Coordinator
    Member since 2003 Visit Storefront

    The IndustrySearch team always keeps in touch about various opportunities to maximise the potential of our Storefront, and last year we saw a huge spike in the number of Signet website sessions that came from IndustrySearch, which is fantastic. We're really pleased with those results, and a number of enquiries have converted into sale as well.

    It's easy to login to the back end of the Storefront and upload new content or monitor results. I also think the front end of the Storefront is very user friendly and the NewsWire is an effective marketing tool. We've had great success promoting our ‘Hot Products', so that's another top feature.

  • “I love the professional layout of the site”

    Vince Stafrace, Owner
    Member since 2017 Visit Storefront

    It's important to have this kind of online exposure for the business. I love the professional layout of the site and the products are presented very well. I definitely prefer advertising with IndustrySearch over any print advertising alternatives. A lot of our common lower-cost items are really well suited to the platform.

    It's so handy having an account manager who helps you through the Storefront setup process. You always have someone there to talk to about the system and how to get the most out of the website. It's also a very flexible system where you can add and remove products as required, as well as analyse the stats reports.

  • “The Storefront looks fantastic”

    Andrew Knight, Owner
    Member since 2012 Visit Storefront

    I love the whole setup of IndustrySearch. It's so easy to update the Storefront by going through all the marketing materials I have and adding the content in the Online Management Area whenver I get the chance. The Storefront looks fantastic and the Hot Products are a handy way to promote a specific item. I get some good email leads come through the IndustrySearch website and possibly some of my telephone enquiries too.

  • “It's an important tool for our clients”

    Douglas Martin, Manager
    Member since 2005 Visit Storefront

    IndustrySearch is an important search engine tool for our clients. Our Storefront introduces people to our products and then they invariably give us a phone call to discuss specific applications and needs.

    I like the fact you can take care of your own online editing of the Storefront. The system and the page templates are very user friendly. Everything gets double checked and published quickly. Another advantage is the longevity and reliability of our account manager, who has been helping us with our Storefront marketing for a number of years – that's important to me.

  • “Results get better and better”

    Nigel Smalls, Owner
    Member since 2007 Visit Storefront

    IndustrySearch has been an important part of our marketing mix for a long time. It helps people who might be looking for our products to find us and make an enquiry. Over the years it's proved extremely useful and the results seem to get better and better.

    When people search for the types of products we sell, IndustrySearch results appear high in the rankings. We notice many of our sales through the Storefront come back a few years later as a repeat buyer when they need new products.

    Being able to customise your own content and compare the activity statistics with other marketing channels are both great features. We like having control over the Storefront. We also appreciate the continuity of working with an IndustrySearch account manager who has been with us for so long and understands our business.

  • “Definitely worthwhile”

    Patrick Ellis, Manager
    Member since 2011 Visit Storefront

    We've had a lot of enquiries through the website and a high percentage turn into sales, so it's definitely worthwhile for us being on IndustrySearch. I login to make all my own changes and add all our editorials. I don't have to rely on anyone else to control how the Storefront looks - that's one of the biggest advantages of IndustrySearch in my experience.

  • “Relevant buyers are finding us”

    Jan Fraust, Regional Sales Manager
    Member since 2015 Visit Storefront

    Being on IndustrySearch is awesome. Our Storefront pages get a lot of views and people often click on our contact details. We've had some great conversations with relevant buyers who found us through IndustrySearch.

    I love the fact I can include full articles with links, images and videos on our Storefront. It's a comprehensive way to use our marketing content. The articles we publish give our customers an overview of what we do and what our capabalities are.

    Our account manager is constantly showing us ways to build the best Storefront and I'm really happy with the customer service.

  • “Whatever they're doing, it's working”

    John Wood, Managing Director
    Member since 2005 Visit Storefront

    We've been with IndustrySearch for over a decade and we find it's a successful platform for us. It serves part of our marketing mix and I expect that to continue moving forward.

    We get a regular flow of quality enquiries. Whatever they're doing, it's working, because the enquiries we receive are generally very relevant to our business. A lot of our IndustrySearch leads result in sales of between $100 and $500, and those new customers often come back a year or two later when they need more products.

    My favourite features are the simple navigation of the website and the way the enquiries come through directly to us in a timely manner and with all the detailed information we need.