Rent Grow Own your forklift

Supplier: Lift Truck Brokers
04 December, 2012

Rent Grow Own allows the flexibility to pay off a forklift as it is being rented for roughly the same cost as a standard rental

Main advantages include:

  • Rent To Buy available to any business with an ABN (even if the company has no previous years financials or the banks won't lend them anymore)
  • If customer decides they don't want the forklift after 12 months, they can send the unit back (like a normal rental)
  • If the customer decides they want to purchase they'll be happy to know that 75 per cent of what they have paid in rent now comes of the purchase price of the forklift
  • Frees up capital, rent is tax deductable
  • Enables customer to move up to a better quality forklift than they first thought
  • Rent Grow Own Plus now available enables you to roll over into a standard finance package after the first 12 months on Rent Grow Own, reducing monthly payments.
  • Flexible ownership option

Below is an example of a $12,000 purchase on Rent Grow Own Plus

A) Cash Price (incl. GST) $12,000

B) Weekly rent (first 12 months with Rent Grow Own) $166.15

C) Weekly rent (36 months with Go Own Plus) $124.62

D) Total Rental Period (48 Months)

E) Final Payout Figure (after 36 months Go Own Plus rental) $1.00

F) Annual Cost of Ownership after Tax 15.95 per cent

Other benefits

  • Rent reduced by 30 per cent for contracts over $20,000 and by 25 per cent for contracts under $20,000
  • Fully tax deductable
  • One small payment to own