Reducing current draw on compressor startups

Barossa Valley Brewing purchased a CSF18 compressor machine to provide compressed air to their brewing equipment. Some years later the Barossa Valley Brewing expanded their operation by opening a new restaurant on site.

Identifying the Problem

With the additional electrical demand from the restaurant the bottling line compressor tripped on low power. The cost of upgrading the power supply to the property was prohibitive.

What was Sullair’s solution?

Barossa Valley Brewing met with a Sullair Engineer to consider their options and the engineer suggested that they consider placing a 13-bar pulley on the air end of the CSF18 machine to effectively drop the compressor to a 12 KW machine, which would draw approximately 1/3 less power on startup. This provided an affordable solution with total costs of just $500.

The End Result

The equipment change was completed in mid-March and the customer is extremely appreciative with the solution and support provided by the team at Sullair. They were very pleased that Sullair found the most cost effective solution for them, rather than someone just trying to sell a new compressor and add to their costs.