Reduce your costs and improve profit

Reduce fuel consumption up to 28%, increase power up to 34%, reduce harmful emissions up to 98%, reduce maintenance costs.

Most people are aware that several years ago harmful gasses were removed from fuels in Australia, lead was taken out of petrol and sulphur removed from diesel fuels. But what most people are not aware of, is the fact that those elements were used as lubricants in the fuels, nothing else.

So we have removed the lubricants from fuels, this leads to wear and destruction of the upper parts of engines, fuel pumps and especially injectors. We need to replace the lubricants to reduce costly repairs and prevent wear.

The best lubricants over the past decades were those made by the use of molecular engineering. But the most recent breakthrough in technology is Nano Engineering. The difference being that a Nano is one millionth of a molecule. This remarkable Nano technology is getting amazing results far beyond the possibilities of previous engineering capabilities.

Increased lubrication, burn rate and combustibility of fuels, creating a micro-burst of fuel which provides more power, better fuel consumption and fewer emissions than ever before.

There is no modification to engines, or costly fittings to install and no need to cart around huge quantities of additives. Simply add a couple of drops of XSnano to your fuel.Just (100 ml of XSnano will treat 1,000 litres of fuel, a ratio of 1 : 10,000). XSnano cannot void any warranties and is completely safe to use on all engines.

Lubrication Solutions P/L released XSnano onto to Australian market last July 2013 and we have been overwhelmed by the response. We have been providing lubricants to the market for nearly quarter of a century now, and never seen anything like this.

Why do you need to use a lubricating additive?

The answer is quite simple. Because no one else will. XSnano could be added to the fuel at refinery level, but who would willingly reduce their sales by about 25%, I can't think of any oil company at the moment, can you? XSnano will not only lubricate and reduce harmful exhaust emissions, but it will also reduce your fuel costs. So it is up to you to do it yourself.

Every one knows what lubrication means, but solutions has several meanings. A liquid that dissolves and an answer to a problem and lubrication solutions has the answer to your lubrication problems and it is called "XSnano".
As with most things new, some people are reluctant to try it.

There is an old saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". Well, I find that if it stands there long enough it will get thirsty enough to drink by itself. When some people see their competitors using the same equipment for the same work and getting more profit margins, they too will start using XSnano to reduce their overheads.

Cut your fuel bills, reduce repairs and maintenance and start increasing your profits with XSnano. The beauty about our company is the more we sell, the more you save.

Prove it to yourself.