Reduce cleaning food processing equipment time by up to 80%

Supplier: Dry Ice Tech Australia
04 August, 2014

Dry ice cleaning is a revolutionary way to clean food & beverage processing equipment.

Everyday food industry deals with the challenge of maintaining hygiene standards and cleanliness. The equipment utilised in this industry needs to be perfectly clean in order to maximise the production capacity and to reduce the chances of accidents occurring due to poor maintenance.

Food processing and packaging equipment gets dirty with grease, wax, proteins, seasonings, crumbs, glue and other build-up. This prevents the equipment from operating at peak efficiency.

Unfortunately, traditional methods like wire brushes, sand blasting, solvents and high pressure are time-consuming, ineffective and usually involve significant amounts of water and resulting waste.

The cleaning method dry ice blasting, which uses harmless dry ice pellets, is preferred at many levels in the food and beverage industry.

No detergent or blasting material is left after treatment. This makes the system highly suitable for industries that require a high degree of hygiene - the food and pharmaceutical industries for example.

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Dry Ice Blasting in the Food Industry