Re-launch of the industry leading EzY Shelter 6045!

2017 has brought new innovations to the EzY Shelter range with the re-launch of the Ezy Shelter EzS6045. Bringing all new space optimisation and ease of use improvements to an already superior shelter.

It’s a highly compact, portable & rapidly deployed inflatable work shop system that has been redesigned. It now has many innovative and well thought out features and add on extras that seamlessly integrate with the tested formula and industry approved system.

The 2017 redesign includes an increase in height and length, giving the user a cavernous, comfortable, well lit and ventilated 3m high x 6.0m long x 4.5m wide working area.

The washable cover is now fully integrated with the Inflatable Frame which means that it now automatically unrolls and inflates and then can very simply be packed away. The large and very visible branding panels can be supplied as removable banners, allowing the operator to change the message that passing traffic will see.

As an indispensable tool for increasing profitability to a savvy operator it allows costs and overheads to be kept down. The attractive benefit to your client is that the additional and unnecessary costs of moving the workpiece from your client to your factory is removed. In addition by doing your blasting, painting or site work in a controlled environment at your clients premises, observers in the vicinity, in the shop next door or across the road and passing traffic will see a genuine cost effective and efficient service at work.

The EzY Shelter range is versatile in its design allowing for many different operational purposes. These include, triage centres, briefing rooms, site shelters, evacuation control centres and checkpoints for paramilitary, security and emergency service staff.

One of the most popular features of the modular design is that there is range of extra elements that can turn one shelter into part of a interlinked pod of many, each having its own service trunking, walled off areas and storage compartments.

Available sizes are - 4m x 3m - 6m x 3m – 6.0m x 4.5m