Supplier: NDT Equipment Sales By: Jeanette Martin
13 May, 2019

VMI, was the first to introduce PC based film digitization for Industrial Radiography. It allows users to analyse, annotate and manipulate radiographs digitally in a manner never before realized.

Digitizing radiographs reduces the space required to archive the images allowing reduced costs of temperature and humidity controls for a whole warehouse.  Finding the images needed quickly is a snap with database management that includes searching, sorting and retrieval in a matter of seconds.  Digitizing can extend the life of radiographs to 100 years or more in accordance with both ASME Sec V and ASTM standards.

Compact, portable and durable, the 2905 Laser Film Digitized performs exceptionally all over the world in industrial settings.  The simple, modularly designed components allow for self-calibration, scan times as low as seven second and provide the productivity required to impove the bottom line.