Pacific Hoseflex recently commissioned independent testing of their range of PTFE hose against a number of alternate manufactured PTFE hose.

Pacific Hoseflex undertook this testing to satisfy themselves of the quality and integrity of our product, but to also ensure that we are maintaining the highest quality product

The results of this program of testing confirmed their belief that they import the highest quality PTFE braided hose in Australia. This also confirmed their knowledge that their most competitive prices are correct.

Pacific Hoseflex PTFE braided hose is manufactured to the following standards:

  • EN ISO 6803:1997
  • BS EN ISO 7751
  • SAE 100 R14

The commissioned testing analysed and reported on the:

  • Performance
  • Functionality, and
  • Dimensional characteristics

In summary, our research provides that their PTFE product offers:

  • Superior flex fatigue life and stress crack resistance
  • Lower flexural modulus (non linear deflection)
  • Improved clarity
  • Better fusion, resulting in less permeability
  • Biaxial orientation (elongation)
  • Low crystallinity (even when cooled slowly)
  • Lower melt viscosity (more mobility of molecules)