protoTRAK Conversational Controls

Supplier: Standaco Machinery Sales
03 October, 2006

The protoTRAK needs no introduction as a unique conversational control. Every aspect of the protoTRAK is dedicated to your kind of work. Time wasted in setting up a production-oriented CNC for small lot work, after all, is no better than time wasted setting up a manual machine.

If you are machining; tooling, fixtures, prototypes, molds or repairs, you are among the most highly skilled, and therefore expensive, people in manufacturing today. The economics are undeniable: the cost of the equipment you use is trivial when compared to the cost of your labor; you need to make your labor more efficient.

When making parts in small quantities, set-up is where much of your time is spent. Therefore, set-up accounts for the majority of your labor cost (not to mention the majority of your headaches).

The protoTRAK is productive because it drastically reduces the amount of time spent in set-up. It combines the simplicity and flexibility of manual machining with the capability of making arcs, diagonals and circles like CNCs, using the best of today's technology to save you time and liberate you from drudgery.

Why protoTRAK is the leader in CNCs for small lot machining applications.


There is a custom-designed protoTRAK for every application in your tool room. All have the same easy, familiar interface so once you learn one; you can easily learn the others.


Legacy: protoTRAK's of today are compatible with the ones of the past. If you are one of the many machinists who know how to run the protoTRAK, you will benefit from the great new features after just a few minutes of familiarization.


The network: When you own a protoTRAK, you join a network of 50,000 machinists. This has a real value for you equating to great training programs, upgrades, field service and parts will be affordable and available for the life of your machine.


The best ideas: We are on our fourth generation of protoTRAK. Our current products build on our experience and dedication to serving the needs of skilled machinists who produce parts in small quantities. We give you the capability you need without burdening you with features that you don't.