Protect against overlooked rear rack damage

Colby Rear Protect-a-Rack reduces the cost of rack damage and improves warehouse safety.

Designed to withstand the glancing blows of forklift impact and to protect racking from unavoidable wear and tear, the Colby Rear Protect-a-Rack improves warehouse safety and significantly reduces maintenance costs in areas you can’t see – the rear of your racking.  Knocks and bumps are impossible to prevent, but where just 5mm damage weakens a racking system so badly it needs to be replaced, preventing damage is a priority and a huge cost saving.  Constructed from heavy duty steel, fortified with full strength welds and designed to dissipate impact and transmit impact through the floor, the Protect-a-Rack outperforms traditional steel and plastic rack protection systems.  And you don’t have to be using ColbyRACK to take advantage of Protect-a-Rack – it can be fitted to any brand of racking.   

Another ColbyRACK advantage.