Preventing disc clogging

Supplier: 111 Abrasives Australia
15 January, 2018

Using abrasive sanding discs, belts or flap discs on aluminium has always caused several problems, like clogging of the abrasives and reducing the service life.

Various techniques are being used but nothing has really worked successfully - until now:

Say hello to the new grinding, cutting and polishing aid and goodbye to the old grease bar, pig fat, soap etc. and start saving time and money now!

It significantly improves the performance of your grinding, sanding and polishing abrasives - up to 300% with our ceramic flap discs type TIGER SHARK®! No more clogging up of discs and belts after only seconds of use. Non hazardous, no dangerous fumes, easy to wipe off and does not affect the welding process. It even reduces the amount of fine aluminium dust created by the sanding process. Of course you can also use it with all other flap discs, belts, sleeves and our range of ZIRCOTEX-FIX® flap discs!

The correct speed is another important factor. Use our variable speed angle grinder VARILEX® and you will increase the service life even more!