Preventing common rail injector damage in fuel systems

Water and zinc deposits cause problems in even the latest common rail 2013 & 2014 engines.

Bi tron D110 will “demobb” the water from diesel. Leaves the water in the tank or the water trap. A droplet of water in the injectors of the latest “common-rail fuel system” will wreck the injectors from the expansion of the water into steam (17 times by volume) from excessive heat in the Injectors.
Unlike carbonaceous deposits which can be removed relatively easily with solvent based fuel treatments, Soluble Zinc deposits require specialised detergent systems to remove both existing build-ups and to prevent further deposit formation.
D110 utilises the latest in detergent technology to both remove and prevent deposit formation. This Soluble Zinc deposits solidify under the high pressure and the extreme heat in the “common rail injector” fuel 
system, and consequently wrecks the very fine tolerances in the injector nozzles. Bi tron D110 Diesel Treatment WILL prevent Deposit build-up.
Some fuel treatments in the marketplace can do one of these treatments but none will do both. ONLY Bi tron D110 Diesel Treatment will do both.