Pressure selection to match your requirements

Supplier: Endress+Hauser Australia
26 October, 2011

Since no single instrument is suitable for all applications, correct selection of a pressure transmitter, which operates reliably under specific conditions whilst being the most economical option, is no easy task.

We simplify selection by offering pressure instruments in three distinct performance segments.

Customers are guaranteed the highest quality and reliability of instruments no matter which segment is selected.

Our new M-range of pressure devices uses the same advanced technology of the proven S-range of sensors. The Cerabar M and Deltabar M are names familiar to industry and are used for process pressure, differential pressure, level and flow measurement in gases, steams or liquids.

The new compact M-Platform pressure transmitters cover the following:

  • Process (absolute / gauge) pressure – Cerabar M
  • Differential pressure – Deltabar M
  • Hydrostatic level – Deltapilot M, Waterpilot

These instruments provide the highest safety standards and accuracy as well as extensive diagnosistic functionality.

Benefits of the Cerabar M, Deltabar M and Deltapilot M transmitters include:

  • Compact size which saves you space, especially on skids
  • Modularity in the housing and electronic inserts which reduces your inventory and saves costs
  • Uniformity of the HMI simplifies commissioning and operation, thus saving you time and training costs
  • Reliability provided by our wide range of sensors for all your application needs
  • Flexibility of pressure, level and flow measurement modes enable simple optimisation (unused parameters are automatically hidden, ensuring quick and fuss-free commissioning)
  • A selection of digital communications - HART, Profibus PA, and Foundation Fieldbus