PowerPac M App released for domestic users

Supplier: Spearhead Software Pty Ltd
16 August, 2019

PowerPac M is based on our flagship App PowerPac and is designed to assist the user of AS3008.1:2009 & AS3000:2007.

PowerPac M is designed to reflect the complex mathematical functions described in these Standards allowing the user to do Calculations quickly, easily and accurately on the go

PowerPac M incorporates tables directly from AS3008.1:2009 & AS3000:2007 from Standards Australia.

PowerPac M App performs calculations including Cable Sizing, Volt Drop and Earth Fault Loop Impedance for V90 thermoplastic and Flexible cables and XLPE cables with the below limitations:

  • Maximum load of 70A single phase and 50A three phase
  • Maximum Run Length of 100M
  • Type C Breaker to 80A
  • Material type – Copper
  • 5% Max Volt Drop

Upgrade to the full PowerPac App features using the in App upgrade option to unlock the following capabilities:

  • Unlimited load and run lengths
  • Cable Derating Selection
  • Addition of HRC fuses,Type B,D and Custom breakers
  • Full Cable Insulation Types from AS3008
  • Aluminium and Tinned Copper material
  • Short Circuit configuration options

Calculation Warnings displayed in Red to assist the user in identifying potential issues with the calculation.

No longer will the user have to carry a laptop onsite to check a Cable Size, Volt Drop or Earth Fault Loop calculation.