Portable tool range makes metal maintenance easy

Supplier: Suhner By: Suhner
06 December, 2016

Battery tools are ideal for the maintenance of metals on building sites, in facilities and public spaces.

After all, sockets are not always available when electricity is needed. Plus, portable battery tools remove the need for tool testing - especially on construction sites, in stairwells, and in other places difficult to access. Nor do you have to worry about annoying cables that can make jobs awkward and even jeopardise the results. With portable battery tools, metal maintenance is easy. 

Stress free, easy to use metal maintenance tools

SUHNER’s new, portable maintenance tools are compact, feature high power output and long battery runtimes. The tools are also low weight to ensure easy maneuverability for fatigue free work.

The series includes a tube polisher, a fillet weld grinder, a particularly slender belt grinder with contact arm, and a straight grinder. The devices are available singly or as a complete set in a robust case with charger, two battery packs, and four connecting lines for international use.

The Tube Polisher ATC 7                                                                                               

The tube polisher ATC 7 is ideal for polishing tubes such as aluminum balustrades up to 48 mm in diameter. Its large wraparound angle of up to 180° ensures fast, efficient work and perfect maneuverability in tight elbows. No contact pressure is used for the wraparound.
Material can be removed to a very fine degree, leading to outstanding results.

The Battery Fillet Weld Grinder AKC 3                                                                                 

The battery fillet weld grinder AKC 3 has been developed specifically for metal structures. Its reduction gears make it an extremely powerful tool. Thanks to its compact design, long neck (140 mm), and the ultra small angled head (45 mm), it is ideal for work on fillet welds in tight places. The device and its battery pack together weigh only 2.2 kg for a lightweight feel in the hand.

The Battery Belt Grinder ABC 7 

This tool is a good choice if you need to work on metals in difficult to access places. The grinding and polishing belts can be changed in seconds so you get through more grinding and polishing of metals quickly. The standard equipment includes a universal contact arm that can be used with belts 3, 6, and 12 mm wide. For the greatest possible flexibility, there are 6 different contact arms available for belts 3–19 mm wide. The ABC 7 works at 7,000 rpm, and its 2.4 kg also makes it a maneuverable and powerful lightweight tool.

The Battery Straight Grinder ASC 9

This universal machine is ideal for work with nonwoven brushes and flap wheels. The ASC 9 helps you remove tarnishing from metals including marks found on balustrades and supermarket lift doors. It also lets you blend into matte surfaces, e.g. on square tubes.

For surface work, reduction gears deliver a high torque and an unvarying working speed for a uniform grinding pattern. The grinder operates at a speed of 9,000 rpm and weighs only 2.0 kg with the battery pack. The user can choose the 6 mm or ¼″ standard chuck. 

Smart, Ergonomic Battery Power

All four battery tools have been designed according to state of the art ergonomic principles. They feature high performance Li ion cells with 4.0 Ah charging capacity and efficient battery technology. Plus, the machine and battery pack temperature is monitored continuously, and the electronics shut down the device automatically before it overheats or overloads.

The lithium ion batteries feature a constantly high power output, a very low self-discharge, and zero memory effect. They can therefore be placed in the charger irrespective of their charged state and can be used only half charged e.g. for any remaining maintenance work.

A detachable particle guard protects the motor from coarse dust. The battery packs are housed in a shock absorbent rubber jacket that shields them from hard knocks.

For all your metal maintenance work, the Suhner Portable Maintenance Tool Range is perfect.