Portable Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser

30 Sep 2021

If you need a portable analyser then the 1737 series is for you.

The 1737 analyser is an instrument for measuring Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide concentration in a sample of
gas. It has been designed for use in the food packaging industry where products are packaged in a modified
atmosphere of nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide.

Gas is extracted from the packaging via a sample line fitted with a hypodermic needle. The needle is used
to penetrate the food packaging and an internal pump draws the package atmosphere into the analyser to be

The 1737 has several key features that offer the user distinct advantages over other gas analysers:

  • The oxygen sensors can be tailored to suit the needs of the user
  • The oxygen sensors are not wet electrolyte type so will not age
  • The oxygen sensors are field replaceable
  • An optional internal battery can be supplied allowing up to 1 hour continuous operation without
    mains power
  • It has a large clear display
  • All samples are stored to an internal log that can be easily reviewed by the operator
  • It can be configured to read and log the samples based on a series of product requirements
  • Samples can be uploaded to a computer using wireless technology
  • Automatic calibration is done whenever the sample is coming from air
  • Extended CO2 calibration is an automatic display driven process


The 1737 can be supplied in several different configurations, please see the image above.