PolyCom harvesting road reaps benefits in coastal Victoria

In preparation for the harvesting season, a haul road in Victoria has been treated with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

Binding the in-situ materials with PolyCom has saved the civil road contractor from importing new materials, significantly reducing the financial and environmental costs of winning and hauling gravel.

Furthermore, the tightly bound nature of PolyCom treated material will ensure the road can withstand the impact of loaded semi's and b-doubles throughout the harvesting season.

PolyCom is suitable in almost any material. In this case, a varying mix of clay and black dirt amongst the other in-situ materials took well to the application of the polymer binder.

Works methodology was a simple rip and recompact, plus the application of PolyCom and water to bring the materials to optimum moisture content.

Find out more about PolyCom Stabilising Aid at www.earthcoprojects.com.au.