Plastic product manufacturing made easy

Supplier: ManufactureLink By: George Pofandt
04 March, 2010

Plastic molds of all types, sizes and processes along with molded products can easily be sourced from Australia's leading online toolmaker network.

Plastic Product Manufacturing

You have a plastic component or product you need to get made and you are not sure of the type of molding you need or which toolmaker to use or even how to go about it. Not to worry, ManufactureLink's online toolmaker network can make the process fast, simple and low-cost.

ManufactureLink's network of over 100 of Australia's leading toolmakers can manufacture practically any plastic product you can imagine or design.This article will show you how to do it.

Our network have extensive experience with all types of molds and with all types of materials. Even if your product uses more than one type of material (co-molding) we have toolmakers with experience in making the right tools. There is no limit on the types of plastic components you can source through ManufactureLink.

Your first consideration is how your designs are to be communicated. The best way is to use 3D CAD models accompanies by fully dimensioned 2D drawings and specifications. If you don't have these, you may need to have these produced and most toolmakers can do this for you. Or you may consider using an industrial designer to not only produce the CAD models and drawings, but to style your product and design it in such a way that it can be manufactured at low-cost and high quality.

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Your next consideration is what volume of components you need to produce. If you need quantities in the range of 1 to 5,000 you should first consider using a rapid prototyping company. Rapid prototypers can produce small quantities of functional parts directly off your 3D CAD data using 3D printing techniques. Alternatively they can use rapid tooling techniques to produce molding tools capable of manufacturing a few thousand parts, or use CNC machining or fabrication techniques to produce a few hundred parts.

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If your volumes and component quality require that you need a full production tool, then you need to get a mold made. Toolmakers produce plastic molds made from high quality steels directly from your CAD data. Mold cavities are machined into steel molds with great accuracy. Sliders and inserts may be required to produce complex features and ejectors are added to remove the part from the tool.

Consideration needs to be given to the quality of the tool required. Most designers are aware that low-cost moulding tools can be sourced from China. However, these tools are typically of poor accuracy and finish and are not made to last on average more than 100,000 parts. A quality, well made tool can produce millions of components reliably. If a low quality tool is all you require then make sure this is specified and you will be quoted accordingly. Most of our toolmaker network can supply you with either a high-quality Australian made tool or a low-quality Chinese made tool.

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Speaking directly with one of our toolmakers you can find on our online directory is a great place to start with getting your products manufactured. But if you have designs ready to go and you are ready to obtain a quote, ManufactureLink's online sourcing system makes the Request For Quote (RFQ) process fast and simple.

Simply visit and register one of our free buyer accounts. Create a new RFQ and fill in teh details. Upload your drawings and 3D models and select the type of toolmaking you need. If you require it, make selections for geographic location, quality accreditations or specific industry experience. Click submit and in just a few minutes work you have submitted your RFQ to our full network at once. Our sourcing system will do the rest of the work for you.

Our toolmakers will be automatically notified of your RFQ and will contact you directly to discuss your requirements in more detail. Suppliers will review your designs and provide you with their quote all online. You can review your quotes and check a toolmakers reputation all in one place and in an easy-to-compare format.

Select the supplier you want to use and accept their quote online and you are done. The process is that easy.

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Once your tool is made, your components can be produced by a plastic molder. Most toolmakers can arrange this for you or may have molding capability in-house. Choice of plastic molder depends greatly on the type of process you need (e.g. injection molding, compression molding, LSR molding), and the size of the component.

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If you need assistance with your sourcing, ManufactureLink is staffed by manufacturing professionals and toolmakers who will provide personal assistance. Simply contact us for all the personal help you need.