Plastic industry: why dry ice cleaning?

Supplier: Cryonomic
09 October, 2012

Thanks to dry ice blasting you benefit from savings related to a considerable reduction of cleaning time.

Dry ice blasting cleans: polyurethane moulds; moulds and extrusion screws; thermoforming moulds; preform moulds; blow moulds; and conveyors, electric motors and tools.

You can also benefit by reducing radically the time of removing residues and release agents.


"Reduction of cleaning time by 80% and impressive savings.

"Our injection machines are running 24/7 but some of the moulds must be cleaned every 48 hours in order to guarantee impeccable quality.

"In the past we have employed different methods including ultrasonic cleaning, grit blasting, solvents and cleaning with wire brushes. Moulds and machinery needed to cool for anything up to 4 hours before being dismantled and removed from the manufacturing area. After cleaning, everything had to be reassembled.

"A full team could be cleaning for 8 to 12 hours on one single mould. This was incredibly inefficient and very expensive both in terms of downtime and loss of productivity. We definitely needed a different method.

"After studying a number of alternative techniques we tested the CRYONOMIC cleaning system developed by Artimpex. Now, one single person cleans our 10 main moulds whilst they are still hot and on the presses enabling more regular cleaning and eliminating extended downtime.

"The consequences in terms of productivity and savings are so impressive with no cost or inconvenience of secondary waste treatment and no further use of harmful chemicals, the investment itself was recovered in less than a month.

"Cryonomic cleaning is by far the most effective and most profitable cleaning method. The machines are reliable and economical, factors that are as important as their cleaning efficiency. Within the group structure our factory was a pioneer in dry ice cleaning and our positive experience led to the widespread introduction of it in all our plants."