Plastic Door Curtains seal doorways to maintain temperature in air-conditioned and refrigerated rooms.

Austcold Industries stocks a variety of high quality clear and coloured PVC Strip which is specifically extruded for Plastic Door Curtains. Research has been done using digital temperature and humidity logging devices to identify the specific benefits when installing a Plastic Door Curtain.

  • Reduce Electricity Consumption
  • Keep out Flies
  • Keep out Dust
  • Maintain Temperature
  • Reduce Glare or light through doorways
  • Create a Privacy Barrier

The Plastic Curtain Strips are available in a range of widths and thickness, and are also available in a range of Coloured Plastic Curtains which can be used to create attractable shop entrance doors or a visual barrier. Colours include red, blue, green, yellow, tinted black and bronze.

The yellow tinted PVC Curtains have an advantage for keeping out flying insects as many flying insect don't see this spectrum of light, therefore are not attracted to the light through the door.

Plastic Door Curtains are also available as Removable Door Curtains and Sliding Door Curtains for application that require the removal of the Plastic Curtain or allowing you to slide the Plastic Curtain to the side for ease of access.

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