Plasmac Recently Upgrades Machinery

Supplier: Plasmac By: Chris Saflekas
21 September, 2015

Plasmac is pleased to have recently purchased new equipment to increase capabilities and improve the finish of all products.

Our new investment allowed us to purchase some of the latest high end equipment including a CNC machining centre, router and laser cutting equipment.

We also have a full range of lathes and milling machines which enabling us to provide both large and small runs, including one-off items.

We can:

  • Supply engineering plastics, in rod, sheet or tube form
  • Manufacture Teflon®/PTFE
  • Cut-to-size plastic panels
  • Specialist polyurethane machining
  • Supply and manufacture custom hydraulic and pneumatic seals, bushes and wear rings
  • Supply and manufacture O-rings
  • Supply and manufacture Custom parts
  • Supply and manufacture Wear strips
  • Supply and manufacture Guides and linings
  • Supply and manufacture Safety guards, barriers and shatterproof windows
  • Supply and manufacture Pharmuctical components

Our in-house facility produces the third largest volume of Teflon® in Australia.

In most cases we can work towards a 24 hour turnaround should you have a tight deadline.

For more information on how we can help you please call or email for a direct reply.