Phoenix ISL appoints NDT Equipment Sales as distributor

Supplier: NDT Equipment Sales By: Jeanette Martin
18 November, 2015

NDT Equipment Sales have been appointed distributors for Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited, United Kingdom. Phoenix ISL are specialists in the design and manufacture of Ultrasonic NDT Solutions serving a wide range of petrochemical, aerospace, composites and rail.

Phoenix ISL takes into account the full range of ultrasonic NDT techniques including phased array, corrosion mapping, pulse echo and TOFD built to the internationally recognised Quality Management Systems Standard ISO 9001: 2008.

Products Include:

  • Shear Wave/Compression Wave Transducers
  • Flex Transducers and Cables
  • High Temperature Transducers
  • TOFD Transducers and Wedges
  • Corrosion Mapping Transducers and Accessories
  • Calibration Blocks

Specalised Equipment Includes:

  • MagMan - Circumferential and Longitudinal Weld Scanner
  • MultiMag - Compact Magnetic Wheeled Manual Scanner
  • Bracelet Scanner - Small Bore Weld Scanner
  • BeltMan
  • TOFD Caliper - Compact Single Axis Scanner
  • WREN - Weld Root Erosion Scanner
  • MapMan - Manual Corrosion Pipe/Weld Scanner
  • MagScan - Dual Axis Motorised Scanner
  • TRACER - Portable C-scan Mapping System
  • C-Clamp Encoder - Versatile Waterproof Wheel Encoder
  • Sp-Arc - Small Bore Corrosion Mapping Scanner
MagScan Dual Axis Motorised Scanner