PEAK-System: CAN bus analysis with handheld device

Supplier: Embedded Logic Solutions By: Ramzi Kattan
13 August, 2010

Various properties of a CAN bus can be analyzed in mobile applications with the handheld device PCAN-Diag by PEAK-System.

CAN traffic is clearly represented in lists. If required, CAN data is shown in symbolic form, too. For the opposite direction, transmit lists with CAN messages can be defined. A detailed analysis of the differential CAN signal is done with the scope function, working with two CAN channels using different trigger events. A CAN frame can be decoded based on the recorded signal course.

Measuring functions round off the diagnosis possibilities. On protocol layer the CAN bit rate and the bus load can be determined, on physical layer the termination at the CAN bus and voltages at the lines can be measured. Any user input is done via a push dial. The OLED display ensures good readability. PCAN-Diag is normally shipped with a High-speed CAN transceiver, other transceiver types can be chosen when ordering.