An Australian pallet manufacturer company was in need of a robust multi-directional transfer solution for its pallet inspection, maintenance and repair station.

This is a hard and dirty business, with 250,000 pallets annually passing through and being inspected, cleaned and repaired on the transfer table.

The Rotacaster Solution

To objectively compare, they installed three solutions across three lines: ball-transfers, steel omni-wheels and 125mm Rotacasters.

Three years and 750,000 pallets later only one is left standing. First to go were the ball-transfers. Every week required either maintenance or replacement as they were fast to wear under the heavy impact of the pallets and repair work.

Next to fail were the steel omni-wheels. Environmental and physical impact eventually started getting the better of these wheels. Last standing and fully operational remained the 125mm Rotacasters, which after three hard years showed virtually no wear and tear, required no maintenance, and delivered day in - day out.

The result

All maintenance stations were converted to use Rotacasters.

The solution requires no power and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable and improved productivity.

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