Packaging & machine systems for the seafood industry.

Supplier: Carter Holt Harvey Packaging
12 August, 2009

We provide packaging & machine systems for the seafood industry.


We provide packaging & machine systems for the seafood industry.

With packaging options such as corrugated case, multiply bags and cartons, we help to pack everything, from wet fish to shellfish to fish fingers.

Our people are our point of difference.

From the early days, Carter Holt Harvey has worked alongside the seafood industry, delivering the best service and products for the industry. Our dedicated seafood team have an in-depth knowledge of the seafood industry. They know its history and share its vision.

Improved productivity.

It's not just about filling orders. Working closely with our customers we pro-actively supply chain manage their packaging requirements to gain the best efficiencies and ensure that product is available to meet the market's demand.

And it's not just about packaging products.

Our Packaging Machine Engineers also design, supply, install and maintain machine systems solutions. Alternatively, we can work with your existing machine systems, helping you to maximise plant productivity and packaging performance.

A recent example of machine system innovation is the Musselmax packaging system, a first for the mussel industry. Half-shell mussels can now be packaged and packed in cases entirely by machine, reducing total cost per tonne for the processor.

Quality that's with you all the way.

Getting seafood to market in optimum condition presents unique challenges. Through extensive trialling of packaging both with our customer and end markets, our team understands the demands for packaging performance.

An innovative industry solution that developed from this understanding is Thermasure, a corrugated fibreboard case with a leak-proof interior that literally locks in the cold to take fresh fish from factory to market, ready for display.

Fresh Ideas.

Innovation is the key to constant performance improvement. Our Research and Development team is always looking at innovative new ways to raise the standard of our service, product design and function so your seafood arrives in perfect condition, every time.

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