Owning containers beats hiring for egg pulp

Multi-box being readied for use
Multi-box being readied for use

SBH Solutions Multi-box liquid folding IBC has been purchased by egg pulp manufacturer Hall & McLean to replace hired Chep Unicons.

It's not just the cost of daily hire that made the decision necessary, but the cost of delivery to site. 

The factory near Yandilla on the Queensland Darling Downs processes eggs into pulp for industrial use and 1000 litre lots are not uncommon. These are shipped to factories in the Brisbane area to be used in cakes, pastries and other food products.

Much of the product is within closed loops with these factories and so it is controllable according to the Logistics Manager.

SBH Solutions arranged for plates on the containers which made it possible to track individual units by number and assert ownership which combined with the selection of a very distinctive UV rated 'Traffic Yellow' for the side panels makes it difficult for a mistake to be made by operators to confuse with other folding hire units.

The Multi-box is the latest in designs for folding intermediate bulk containers. 

"It improves on what has been available previously," says Nigel Smalls of SBH Solutions. "We've given the folding container a make over by offering a split lid in order to address the concerns of employees about the hazards of lifting a 20kg lid, and the bonus is that all parts are now attached—no separate lid to go missing."

A full length sight glass is standard, as is a fully hot dipped galvanised frame, and the food grade polypropylene sides (HDPP) is now 25% thicker at 5mm in order to reduce warping but also to strengthen the structure.
Best of all is the price. If you can stretch to 120 units, then the price really will make your accountant smile.