Clients using the Orthomaster have noticed a considerable improvement in comfort.
Clients using the Orthomaster have noticed a considerable improvement in comfort.

The following are testimonials regarding our Orthomaster product.

Following exhaustive searching, I had the opportunity to trial a number of Orthomaster mats Will supplied. I must say, not all of our associates could be wrong. They noticed a considerable improvement in comfort. Considering the type of environment that some of our team members work in, this was an exceptional result. I have no hesitation in recommending that these mats be trialled in an environment that requires folks to stand for considerable periods of time on concrete or grating. One must however be mindful of the weight factor when having to move these for the purpose of cleaning.

Steve Panozzo, Site Services Coordinator, Mars

Thank you for making it possible for us to purchase Orthomaster mat. Staff that have used it are very pleased with it. The nursing staff doing long surgical procedures have used it and have noticed that their legs do not get so tired. We have a staff member in CSSD with a back problem and she noticed the benefits immediately. It has been easy to clean and not unduly heavy to move around. Once again, thank you.

Raewyn Gingles, Acting Theatre Manager, Gisborne Hospital New Zealand

Our staff alternate sitting and standing positions and find standing positions much more comfortable with the Orthomaster mats. We started with a small number of mats to trial and as more areas heard about them, we received many requests for them. Comfort while working is hugely important to our team and we do our best to ensure we provide this. When our people are comfortable, they feel more positive about their work and this helps us keep our site culture positive. Our production teams manage their own periodic cleans, and noted the light weight of these mats compared to other we've used. Their ability to withstand washing with hot water is also a great benefit to us. Everyone who stands on the sample mat I keep in the OHS office comments on how soft and supportive it is.

J. M. WHSO and FSA, OHS Officer, Campbell Arnott's

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