Optimum solution for hygienic areas

12 September, 2013

The food and beverage and the pharmaceutical industries place high hygienic demands on their production facilities.

MOVIGEAR® from SEW-Eurodrive can meet and often surpass these operating requirements with its hygienic surface design. MOVIGEAR®, a mechatronic drive system, sets entirely new standards with respect to efficiency and functionality.

The hygienic surface design finished with "teflon-like" coating minimises cleaning efforts, which leads to reduced cleaning and system downtimes and ultimately reduces operating costs. Inherently the smooth surface design prevents the build-up of debris; the units are virtually self-cleaning. The totally enclosed mechatronic drive system applies the principle of surface cooling, eliminating the need of motor fans.

Dispersing air and the spread of germs and bacteria due to air swirls are a thing of the past with MOVIGEAR®. The high degree of ingress protection ensures maximum reliability. MOVIGEAR® meets IE4 (Super Premium) efficiency standard, and is available in two physical sizes and numerous mounting options.


  • Compact unit design
  • Highest degree of efficiency
  • Reduced number of variants due to wide speed range
  • Extremely high starting torque
  • High degree of Ingress protection