Omron introduces the E3NX-FA Smart Fiber Amplifier

Supplier: Omron Electronics
04 April, 2013

Omron introduces Smart Fiber Amplifier with improved basic performance on sensing distance and minimum sensing object using N-Smart Technology.

Improved basic performance with sensing distance and minimum sensing object. The advanced Fiber Amplifier Units that handles on-site needs. Improved basic performance with 1.5 times the sensing distance and approx. 1/10th the minimum sensing object.

Ultra-easy setup with Smart Tuning with a dynamic range expanded 20 times to 40,000:1. Optimum stable detection achieved with light level adjustment even for saturated incident light.

White on black display characters for high visibility.

Solution Viewer that shows the passing time and difference in incident levels and Change Finder that shows even high-speed workpieces to achieve simple settings and reliable detection.