The oil and gas industry is one of the largest of all industries in Australia.


When you consider the volume of equipment — critical and non critical, both large and small worth millions of dollars — UnderRaps with its global partners are leading the way in preservation. However as the projects commence  such as the Gorgon and Wheatstone projects  it is often in a very corrosive environment.

Being in a sensitive environment Intercept technology solves many of the problems. UnderRaps and its global partners work with companies such as Chevron, FMC and Woodside to provide solutions.

Intercept key advantages to parts preservation:

Functionality: Intercept can be applied to all shapes, sizes and contain no oils or volatile substances Intercept products are reusable allowing for inspectability and rotation of moving parts.

Cost savings: Intercept packaging helps reduce total costs. Minimising packing time and handling methods reduces overall weight of packaging. No removal and disposal of oils is necessary, thereby reducing the amount of steps required.

Reliability: Intercept and UnderRaps products have been in the field for many years. The range of products ensures we have the correct packaging to go the distance and the test of time. UnderRaps and our global partners have the experience in manufacturing packaging that is shipped globally.

Quality: Intercept meets the highest product quality. Whether it’s for export or returnable packaging, we stand by the technology and the products that deal with corrosion, static and moisture.