NOV Mono come to Stawell's rescue

Supplier: NOV Australia
16 June, 2011

Stawell Gold Mine approached NOV Mono regarding its existing dewatering stations manufactured by a competitor.

The pumps were set up to run a 110Kw motor at 400rpm to deliver 40lps when what was really required was 24lps at 195rpm which a 80Kw motor would provide. Furthermore, the underground pipework was not suitable for the flows being delivered.

NOV Mono's technical team provided a solution which comprised a redesign of a new pulley system and WT124 pump that could drop the speed of the pump to 195rpm on a 110Kw motor. Although this sounds pretty straight forward, a redesign and sourcing of new parts was required to bring the project to life.

With the new system now installed, Stawell Gold Mine's Ventilation and Services Engineer is extremely pleased with the result; "As predicted, the pumping rate and pressure is as expected; at just 24lps, they are turning over slowly, almost at idle, so hopefully they will last a long time!

This system is much better than what was previously in place. The single pump was running continuously, 24 hours a day, and barely able to keep up with our water demand, Now, the WT124 pump keeps the tanks topped up at 90% and it takes around 10-15 minutes to fill from 80% to 90%. Currently the pump cycles on and off every 15 minutes, running twice an hour."