North Bourke Abattior chooses Gorman Rupp pumps for their reliability and easy maintenance

North Bourke Abattoir using Gorman Rupp pumps supplied by Hydro Innovations
North Bourke Abattoir using Gorman Rupp pumps supplied by Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations was selected to supply reliable, easily maintained and safer operating pumps for a new Abottior in North Bourke recently.

Darling Irrigation supplies solutions for irrigation, domestic water systems, mining hydraulics, stock watering and more. With a staff of around 50 and four locations in western NSW [and one in Launceston], Darling Irrigation assists a wide range of customers with quality water systems.

The company recently undertook a contract for the design and construction of water and wastewater infrastructure for the new North Bourke Abattoir.

Wanting to deliver a quality project, with pumps that were reliable, easy to maintain and safe for operators, Darling Irrigation approached Hydro Innovations for solutions using Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps.

There were five applications for a total of nine pumps from “kill floor” hose down to pond storage transfer and effluent pumping. As some of these applications contained abrasive media in the pumped water, Hydro Innovations offered pumps with Gorman-Rupp “hard iron” internals to reduce wear rates and considerably lengthen the intervals between servicing.

Darling Irrigation chose the Gorman Rupp pumps for their strong international reputation, reliability and longevity in tough pumping conditions. And because they are self-priming pumps, they could be mounted at ground level so that operators have easy and safe access to the pumps for monitoring and maintenance, without the need for cranes.

Phil Chegwidden, Project Manager on the job for Darling Irrigation, has been impressed by how easy the pumps were to install, how quickly the pumps’ prime, and how smoothly they operate. He said he can understand why many abattoirs have standardised on Gorman-Rupp pumps for their wastewater systems.

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