Norbar Cushions Refinery Valve Drain from a Hammering

Safe working with Norbar pneumatic range of tools
Safe working with Norbar pneumatic range of tools

Based on the Pneutorque PTM-52 pneumatic torque wrench (torque gun) from Norbar Torque Tools, the hammerless drain valve is a tool that makes the task of opening refinery drain valves easier and safer at Alcoa World Alumina Australia's mine site and refinery operations in Western Australia's Peel Region.

The McKenna Hammerless Drain Valve from Alcoa World Alumina Australia has received the Highly Commended Award from Western Australia's Chamber of Minerals & Energy (CME) Occupational Safety and Health Innovations Awards.

The Awards showcase practical equipment modifications and new tools that contribute to the industry's ultimate goal of zero harm. According to the CME's Executive Officer of Safety and Health, Nicole Roocke: "A safe workplace is not an optional extra. It is fundamental to how we do business."

Dr David Smith, CME President, presented the Award to Alcoa's Rob McKenna for his hammerless Valve. Rob McKenna said: "It is a really simple solution. The torque gun turns a couple of gears that turn a larger gear that operates the valve, so in effect, a simple push of the gun's trigger replaces the need for repetitive hammering to get these valves to open and close."

Several features make the PTM-52 ideal for this application. Very low vibration levels of less than 1.5m/s2 mean that operators can use these tools for extended periods with negligible risk of hand-arm related health issues. Similarly, sound levels of under 85dB(A) when under load make the tool comfortable and safe to use.

The Norbar PTM-52 used in this application is lightweight, just 4.1kg, and has very compact dimensions for the torque output. The tool is thus very easy to move around site from valve to valve.

In today's world, safety is not optional, and Norbar Torque Tools has demonstrated once again that it is at the forefront of safe working with its state-of-the-art pneumatic range of tools.