Nightingale Housing: Sustainable Urbanisation

Supplier: Universal Fans By: Universal Fans
22 June, 2018

Proud to be sponsoring an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable housing development model in Australia. Universal Fans is now an official sponsor of the Nightingale Project.

The Nightingale Model follows a financial concept providing high quality, yet affordable apartment living to owner-occupiers, taking sustainability and social responsibility to the next level. This is changing the way multi-residential housing fits into our current and future urban landscape by simplifying the development process as well as a minimalist building approach.

Some key differences in the design of these Nightingale Modelled apartments is the removal of car parking space, no second bathrooms, communal laundries and no air-conditioning. These development core differences promote low costs and high eco-cred. With no air-conditioning, ceiling fans form a major part of the economical cooling and air movement for the apartments.

The Nightingale prototype – The Commons in Brunswick, Victoria – sourced Industrie II ceiling fans from Universal Fans to compliment the minimalist, industrial style of the apartments.


Instigated by Jeremy McLeod, founding director of Breathe Architecture, the Nightingale financial model is now an open source concept. The Nightingale group are challenging other architects to look to this model for future housing developments. We are very excited to see this model being replicated in Australia and overseas.