New xNAV v3 RTK GNSS/INS System

Supplier: Industrial Measurement Solutions
19 February, 2020

OxTS releases its new compact and lightweight GNSS-aided inertial navigation system xNAV550, along with an OEM board set version, the xOEM550.

The xNAV550:

  • is small, compact and lightweight
  • features 2 cm position accuracy amd 0.05° roll/pitch accuracy
  • has a 100 Hz update rate
  • has no export restrictions

Miniature GNSS-inertial system

The xNAV550 manages to squeeze two GNSS receivers, a tactical grade IMU, 4 GB storage and real-time processor in a compact, IP65 rated enclosure. At just 425 g it is perfectly suited for applications where size and weight as well as performance matter.

GNSS/INS board for system integrators

For system integrators looking for a high performance INS to build into a scanning and georeferencing system, the xOEM550 offers an attractive solution. Weighing just 165 g it won't add bulk to your system, and with our free and distributable post-processing software you can offer a true turnkey solution at a very competitive price.

High accuracy position and orientation data

The dual frequency receivers can achieve centimetre level position accuracy and with dual antennas the heading performance is stable in all dynamics.

Georeference camera, LiDAR, or other sensor data

Integrating the xNAV550 with cameras, laser scanners or other sensor arrays is easy thanks to the NMEA outputs, a 1PPS, and event input triggers for synchronisation and time stamping. These features, and the convenience of the one-box solution, ensure it is quick and easy to acquire accurate data required for direct georeferencing.

OxTS gx/ix™ technology

If you are working in urban, covered, or other harsh GNSS environments, take advantage of the new gx/ix™ RTK option with the xNAV550. With tight coupling you can retain precision even when satellites are blocked and inertial relock reduces time to regain RTK after complete interruptions.