New pallet trucks for greater customer usability

Supplier: MLA Holdings
07 November, 2012

MLA Holdings are proud to announce a new generation of Powered Pllet Tucks which are setting new standards in performing to customers' applications.

Developed for non-stop performance in the most challenging environments, the new PBP1620N@ Power Pallet trucks offer a comprehensive range of transfer possibilities and improved customer usability.

The PBP1620N2 model has been specifically created for hard-wearing applications. The trucks have had a complete facelift and are available in 1600Kg, 1800Kg and 2000Kg versions.

The new design includes many advanced, added value features which deliver real customer benefits especially in terms of reliability.


  • A sealed chassis, which offers protection against dirt and dust to reduce wear
  • A strong drive unit with an oil filled transmission, ensuring reliable and quiet operation.
  • Waterproof wiring and connections to help increase reliability and prevent any mechanical faults.
  • An advanced programmable controller for both drive and lift functions, which ensures a smooth and energy efficient operation and a reduced number of components.
  • State of the art tiller arm which offers the ultimate in ergonomic design, comfort and safety

Increased productivity in the form of a robust fork construction which combines robustness and agility for effortless pallet entry; the maximum lifting height for this truck is 135mm which offers sufficient ground clearance for the steepest ramps.


  • Apart from all of these standard safety and performance features, the new PBP1620N2 Power Pallet series prides itself on being extremely user friendly. Optional features for the Pallet Truck includes:
  • Big lifting and lowering leers to offer easy control over lifting and lowering, even when wearing gloves
  • High stability and market leading lift height, combined with linked castor wheels allow easy operation and excellent stability on uneven surfaces as well as prevent wheel damage on ramps.
  • Outdoor operation is possible in all weather due to the protection of the chassis and electrical systems against rain and splashing water.
  • Inbuilt charger which is water resistant and is passively cooled for greater energy efficiency


State-of-the-art safety features are also another vital feature that the PBP1620N2 Power Pallet series offers. Two fantastic elements to the Pallet Truck are:

  • When the handle is pulled down all the way signalling that the operator has tripped over, the truck automatically stops.
  • An emergency button on the handle of the Pallet Truck which also stops the vehicle when pressed; this is in case an operator gets trapped between the vehicle or an object behind them while walking backwards and avoids any serious injury.

The PBP1620N2 Power Pallet series are a compact machine, ideal for use in confined situations. These versatile trucks are guaranteed to make light work of transporting loads, in a safe and easy manner proving exceptional performance - whatever the conditions.