New LINAK FS3 Foot Switch for control of healthcare applications

Supplier: LINAK
04 December, 2013

The new LINAK FS3 Foot Switch helps create a better working environment and ensures improved and efficient care and treatment.

The FS3 Foot Switch is easy and intuitive to operate. It often becomes an alternative to a hand control in situations where health care and treatment employees e.g. chiropractors, doctors etc. need to keep their hands free.

The FS3 has been developed in cooperation with end users and its intuitive design makes it highly user-friendly allowing "heel on floor" operation.

Furthermore, the FS3 has a heavy-duty construction that tolerates rough handling. Due to the modularity of the FS3, an increased number of functionalities are available.

Overall, the many features wrapped in a beautiful design, makes the FS3 Foot Switch a useful tool for a wide variety of healthcare equipment.