New high-head series of magnetic drive pumps from Techniflo

Supplier: Global Pumps By: Global Pumps
14 March, 2016

New magnetic drive pump series with that can pump a head pressure of up to 47m.

Maintaining its world-class position of leadership within the industrial and mining pump technology sector, Global Pumps continues its recent trend of new product announcements with the release of a new magnetic drive pump series with that can generate head pressure of up to 47m.

These pumps, manufactured by Techniflo, are ideal for high-pressure, low-flow applications. Additionally, they have been redesigned to retain their leak free capability with the new pressure range as a design constraint. Other safety advantages, along with the leak-free feature, include chemical resistance, ideal for users processing fluids that are caustic or acidic.

Designed for safety, these pumps are not only leak free and chemically non-reactive, they also do not contain metallic parts that come into contact with the process fluid, ensuring the highest level of safety and resistance to degradation. Made from either polypropylene or ETFE, these pumps are the safest pumps you can use to transport hazardous fluids.

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