New generation cordless hydraulic pumps set performance benchmarks

Supplier: Enerpac By: Denis Matulin
25 July, 2016

Electrically powered hydraulic pumps are greatly valued in workshops and worksites throughout Australia for their rapid actuation of tools, power, precision and safety even under arduous conditions.

But sometimes – such as in remote places or confined sites – their power cords can be a nuisance and a potential impediment to getting the job done as quickly and safely as possible.

These situations have been recognised by a global leader in high-pressure hydraulics, Enerpac, whose compact but exceptionally powerful 700 bar (10,000 psi) pumps of all types are in use throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Now Enerpac is leading innovation by introducing to Australasia the versatility of either single or double-acting XC Series cordless pumps to complement its comprehensive ranges of 240V electric pumps (as well as hand, air and petrol-powered types).

These easy-to-transport pumps, with removable shoulder strap and integrated carrying handle, use lithium ion battery technology to offer the performance capabilities of an electric pump with the convenient portability of a hand pump. Just as the latest generation of battery-powered cars employ the latest energy storage technology to provide enduring and environmentally harmonious high performance, these beautifully engineered pumps set a high benchmark for performance. No unwelcome fumes exhausted either, to pose health issues in confined spaces or workshops. Additionally, the lithium-ion technology ensures XC-Series pumps provide end users with the battery runtime necessary to accommodate demanding application requirements.

Both types of Enerpac XC-Series cordless pumps – single and double acting – actuate hydraulic tools as fast as a basic electric powered pump and create up to 700 bar (10,000 psi) of pressure. This means that XC-Series cordless pumps are up to five times faster than manual hydraulic pumps and up to two times faster than popular pneumatic powered pumps.

The option of double-acting power – offering powered extension and retraction of an array of widely used cylinders and tools – extends further the versatility of XC-Series Gen II cordless pumps which are capable of being used in any position.

The new generation pumps are ideal for a wide range of industries, such as mining, construction, industrial and power generation, solving diverse and demanding applications, including:

  • Mobilising heavy equipment
  • Maintenance of mobile drilling, mining, construction, military equipment
  • Gear pulling
  • Underground rail and structural work, mobile equipment
  • Manufacturing, process and conveyor equipment maintenance
  • Overhead crane maintenance
  • Nut splitting and cutting
  • Lifting rail cars and rail alignment
  • Construction and electrical installation tasks including generator positioning
  • Hose or pipe crimping


“XC-Series pumps are a cost-effective solution for remote locations or hard-to-access areas. The combination of both speed and power also makes the XC-Series one of the safest, most ergonomic hydraulic pumps for everyday use. The addition of a double-acting manual valve option enables compatibility with an extended range of both single and double-acting tools,” says Enerpac Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Mr Denis Matulin.

This means that in addition to hundreds of Enerpac single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders used throughout Australasia, the double-acting pump can power tools requiring powered extension and retraction, including cutters, crimpers, breakout tools for drill rigs and an array of tools used for lifting, bending forming and pulling.

Designed to provide optimal safety to operators, the XC-Series offers several safety features, including zero trip hazards through cordless design, overload protection circuitry from excessive amp draw or temperatures and a trigger lock-off mechanism to protect against unintended operation during transport

Engineered as a long-lasting pump that can be used in hard-to-access areas, XC-Series cordless pumps are constructed of lightweight materials, equipped with a powerful, one-half horsepower motor and feature 28-volt, Lithium-Ion battery technology.

With its bladder reservoir, Enerpac’s cordless pumps eliminate venting and offer leak-free operation in any orientation. Plus, the overall body, handle and trigger have been ergonomically engineered to maximize ease-of-use and portability.

XC-Series cordless pumps deliver oil flow of 2.05 litres per minute at its low-pressure setting and .25 litres per minute when operating at full pressure, up to 700 bar.