New era in wayfinding signage - Signs for the future

Supplier: Arrow Alpha / CIVIQ By: Linda Mathieson - Arrow Alpha Marketing
10 October, 2013

City of Melton - Encouraging local residents and visitors to explore the local area.

Challenge: Melton City Council set out to encourage residents to lead a healthier lifestyle by becoming more active and exploring new areas and trails within the local area.

Solution: Wayfinding signage containing maps of the local area and QR codes enabling local map downloads to iPhones and Android devices.

Result: Unique, stylish and easy to read signs displaying shared path networks, landmarks, amenities, destinations and QR codes with direct access to local maps increasing awareness of facilities within the local area.

Working towards the council's commitment to the health and wellbeing of the local residents, the City of Melton set about creating a network of wayfinding signs to encourage residents to become more active and explore new areas and trails within the local area.

Wayfinding signage is a necessity in today's time poor society. It helps form an image of an area whilst linking landmarks and precincts and improving our ability to walk easily and safely between destinations.

With more and more people walking and cycling as a mode of transport and exercise there is also the added environmental benefit of less cars on the roads.

Detailed research was carried out on how best to encourage residents to come outside and explore the local area. The result was 87 Arrow Alpha shared path wayfinding signs been rolled out across the City of Melton in conjunction with the launch of the Avenza PDF Maps App that allows visitors to download local maps to their iPhones and Android devices.

The Wayfinding signs are showing the way for cyclists, walkers and visitors. They contain maps highlighting the shared path networks, landmarks and destinations, playgrounds, walking and cycling routes, BBQ areas, services and amenities. They also display QR codes enabling the download of local area maps.

When asked why they choose Arrow Alpha's range of Wayfinding Signs, Matthew Hutchison of Melton City Council said "The product Arrow Alpha offered was very good. The size was right and the overall styling and appearance was different and unique compared to other products on the market."

Compared to a basic pole with sign panels attached, the Arrow Alpha Totem sign is solid, vandal resistant and has a proven track record in similar applications such as Bus Stop Signs. The modular interchangeable parts make it easy to change or repair if necessary and make way for low life costs.

"We are getting excellent reports and to date the maps have been downloaded 112 times," Hutchison said.

Over time man has developed more sophisticated and intricate ways to guide others and wayfinding signage has played a vital role in the history of civilisation by bringing suburbs, towns and cities to life whilst nurturing a sense of community.