New Endotec Safe-Hard 600 Wire Range – Inspired by Safety, Engineered for Performance

Supplier: SMENCO
22 March, 2021

Inspired by safety and performance, Safe-Hard 600 is an exclusive formulation, free of Cr and Ni.

After two years of investigation, laboratory, and field testing, Safe-Hard 600 arrives to the market to provide better performance and absolutely zero risks of CrVI emissions from welding material.

Inspired by Safety – We are striving for elimination of CrVI from the working environment.

Safe-Hard 600 is free of Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI)—a chemical compound that can be formed by welding on different base materials and by using different filler metals. CrVI can cause lung cancer, among other physical issues such as hypersensitivity, skin corrosion, and irritation of the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract.

Worldwide, 11 million workers are estimated to be employed as welders, and around 110 million additional workers probably incur welding-related fume exposure. Exposure determinants include the process, material welded, ventilation, degree of enclosure, and use of personal protection.

“Castolin Eutectic is pleased to introduce the new EnDOtec Safe-Hard 600 welding wire range. Free of chromium and nickel, EnDOtec Safe-Hard 600 presents reduced fume emissions and complies with the strictest European Exposure Occupational Limits.”

Safe-Hard 600 fumes contain no CrVI. Mission accomplished!


Engineered for Performance

At Castolin Eutectic, we are experts in hardfacing and we always think of the safety of key welders and nearby workers alike—the key people in our business. The most popular filler metal in the hardfacing market is the 600HB wire type, with a resistance based on 9% Cr and 0.6% C chemistry. Based on the figures from the European Welding Association, there is an estimated volume of 1,000 tons in flux cored wire and 1,800 tons in use of solid wire, just in Europe alone. With this large volume of weld material, the CrVI emissions can be potentially very dangerous to our welders and nearby workers.

The main feature of this kind of wires is the right balance between abrasion and impact resistance at a good average price.

The new EnDOtec Safe-Hard 600 is a Solid Core Wire with its well-known benefits in the market, and can therefore cover both flux cored wire and solid wire applications with added value. The excellent new chemistry improves the combination of abrasion and impact resistance compared to the traditional 600HB without any risk of cracking.