New Australian innovation lights up hazardous construction sites

Supplier: Austrec International
05 September, 2018

By their very nature construction sites are hazardous, especially those operating at night. While it may seem that nothing much changes in the world of lighting systems, a new development has made working in dark conditions both safer and more efficient.

Properly designed and installed lighting is essential to protect those onsite as well as the public coming into contact with the area. This is especially the case for industries such as construction where the industry ranks 2nd for most preliminary worker deaths*. In addition to the dangers inherent within construction, working at night is particulary hazardous but the risk associated with it can be significantly mitigated by utilising properly designed and adequete lighting solutions. 

The Light Tower is manufactured in Australia and is one of the latest lighting products to hit the Australian market. It has a proven record in S&R and disaster response overseas and interestingly, has also been utilised by the Russian space program to recover space modules on their return to earth. 

The decision to tap into the Australian market came after some initial market research which demonstrated that there was a need for the Light Tower because a lot of Australian projects are located in remote areas without supporting infrastructure. 

The Light Tower looks like a giant candle and promises to be almost as quiet as one whilst lighting up Newcastle streets for night works. Newcastle City recently bought seven of the light towers where they have been used in various applications such as emergency lighting during call outs, night time signs, line marking and mowing median strips during winter afternoons when the light was fading. 

Safe Work Australia highlights the 3,414 workers who have died between 2003 to 2016 as a result of work related fatalities. The need to improve safety conditions for work is a pertinent Australian issue, demonstrated through the excessive figures Safe Work Australia provides. Improving safety conditions involves a wide array of changes but one that cannot be overlooked is properly designed and installed lighting.