New alternative to traditional pre-stretched and conventional films

Supplier: Signet
27 March, 2013

Signet's Ultimate Stretch Film is a new, high performance pallet wrap film that uses state-of-the-art resin technology to deliver improved performance and reliability and offers a more cost-effective alternative to conventional cast and blown films or pre-stretch film.

Signet's Ultimate Film uses state-of-the-art resin technology based on the EnableTM metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resin from ExxonMobil Chemical, allowing this premium film to achieve the performance of films significantly thicker in gauge, for a considerably lower cost.

In other words, the Ultimate Film retracts up to 20% after being stretched between 30 - 50%, providing outstanding holding force and protection of wrapped goods. This reduces cost through the reduction of the number of rolls used when wrapping a pallet, whilst maintaining the integrity of the load and reliability of the film.

Benefits of Signet Ultimate Stretch film:

  • Cost savings – Uses up to 20% less stretch film to wrap each pallet 
  • Easy to use – Weighs less than conventional stretch film rolls and is less tiring to apply
  • OH&S benefits – Can be applied walking forward, helping reduce workplace accidents. 
  • Load integrity – Gives a tighter wrap and more control due to guaranteed stretch film memory.
  • Improved sustainability – Uses less stretch film per pallet wrapped and reduces environmental impact.
  • Better productivity – Is easily hand stretched with 30 – 50% tension at the stretching point. 
  • Value for money – Offers the same performance as higher gauge stretch films at a significantly lower cost.

Signet's Ultimate Hand Film is the ideal solution for users that require manual application of the film, whilst the Signet Ultimate Machine Film is specifically designed to work best when applied using a pallet wrapping machine like the Signet Ultimate Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Ultimate Film Key Features