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Supplier: Magnattack Global By: Magnattack Global
04 April, 2019

Revolutionary safe and hygienic Rapidclean™ Grate Separators will fill the gap between conventional grate magnets in housing and self-cleaning magnet systems.

Where plants are run to HACCP principles, there is a growing need for reliable magnet sets well above the caliber of old style or of cheap substitutes on which the greater number of quality requirements are simply missing.

Astute engineers and managers will balance first cost with:

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance
  • Long working life and standards met
  • Time savings in regular cleaning
  • Strength documentation satisfying audit authorities
  • Reduced risk of product recall and brand name damage due to inefficient or unhygienic cheap magnetic separators
  • Absence of OHS lifting problems or jamming of drawers.

Rapidclean™ style grate magnets fill the gap between conventional grate magnet housings and drawers and self-cleaning grate magnets.

In 2014, users of grate separators in housings should specify:

  • Ease of cleaning without operator risks
  • Grate fully supported in cleaning position
  • No drawer support ledges
  • Sanitary construction, e.g. RA 1 surface roughness certificate for sanitary powders
  • Hosable for sticky products
  • Adjustable bar centers to enable simple redistribution of bars for difficult to flow products - without removing the bars.
  • Provision for retrofit vibrator, if required
  • Efficient door sealing via magnetic door closures
  • >10,000 gauss
  • 2 row or single row and non-magnetic splitter options
  • No sleeves on magnet bars
  • Open-ended bars with push tool cleaning option
  • Magnet strength life extended by vacuum resinising
  • No door leaks
  • FDA approved door seal - non-sponge

Several popular flanged models are available to easily substitute for troublesome or inadequate grate in housing magnet installations, or for providing product security on new product lines.

These provide effective magnetic separation at:

  • Inlet and exit of rotary valves
  • Discharge of screw conveyors, elevators, flowveyors and blenders
  • Upstream of all packing operations and bulker filling
  • Along with 2 or 3 other multinational magnetic separation companies, Magnattack™ Global has over 40 years of magnetic separation experience and supplies magnetic separation solutions worldwide.

Where is the difference? Magnattack Global is solely focussed on the food processing industry. 

With the endorsement of HACCP International, MAagnattack Global continues to develop and provide the most effective and user appreciated magnetic separation equipment currently available.

Production, Engineering or Quality Managers can obtain proposals for Rapidclean™ Separators by simply emailing or calling Magnattack Global and one of our Global Magnetic Separation Engineers will respond to your valued enquiry within 24 hours.

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