NanoSteel and EndoTec cored-hard facing wire does more with less

Supplier: SMENCO
26 June, 2014

NanoSteel's Super Hard Steel (SHS) and EndoTec cored wires for weld overlay applications are patented steel alloys which provide superior wear performance in extreme service environments for increasing the life of industrial parts and components.

When welded, NanoSteel SHS and EndoTec cored wires form a near nano-scale microstructure with a unique combination of high hardness and toughness properties.

This results in a uniform hard matrix with maximum hardness and wear resistance consistent throughout the entire SHS material layer.

SHS achieves maximum performance in one layer, requiring less material to exceed conventional alloy performance and resulting in a better price/ performance ratio.

Application processes: Gas Metal ARC Welding (GMAW), Open Arc Welding (OAW). Alternatives to chrome and complex carbides, tungsten and carbide alloys for wear.