There are clear benefits of post-production multi core bonding opposed to moulding Pneumatic Tubing together at the extrusion stage.

Moulded Tubing

The first and most important facet of this is that quality of the product, moulding tubing together at the extrusion stage can cause bore and shape distortion on the O.D and I.D of the tube as well as the tubes structural integrity when separating/peeling a single tube, for example when using a push in fitting, the wall of the moulded tube can tear leaving the removed tube and all the other tubes connected to it damaged and hence the fittings cannot seal correctly.


An important benefit of  the Technibond process is the tubes are bonded / formed as a second step after the individual tube extrusion,  which leaves the tube easily separated (if desired) to any length, while not affecting the size structural integrity of the tube. With the bonding process being done at a later date it leaves the option of the customer to design custom tube packages with multiple tubes of multiple sizes and colours being available to be bonded together for specific applications.

TECHNIBOND starts with our ATP Surethane polyurethane tubing. It is made from the highest-quality raw materials available. Ether-based material provides excellent hydrolysis,oil and cold resistance. PUR is strong and flexible and offers superior kink resistance compared to other tubing.

TECHNIBOND Multi-core tubing is a significant time saving concept. Compared with installing an equal quantity of individual tubes and the time required to install the tubing and connect it is of real benefit. The coloured tubes also allow very fast connections and reduce time for problem solving.

ATP's polyurethane tubing has an outside diameter made to extremely tight tolerances. It’s ideal to use with push-to-fit connect fittings, as well as barb-type and compression fittings for simple installation